Just a slow walk on the Gal
Chunky Gal Mountain
Clay County, North Carolina
October 21-22, 2005
By Wayne and Patty Brantley

This past weekend we made a much needed escape to the mountains. We didn't know for sure which weekend this would be because Tonya had made plans, she called Thursday night to say she could stay with Granny if we still wanted to go? This was like asking a dog if he wanted a bone!

This wouldn't be a prospecting trip this time, just a slow walk to clear our heads and spend some time together poking around on the Gal. That was the main purpose for the trip, the second was to bring home a "special rock" that had been in the forest for to many years.

This fall trip was a week early for the peak color on the mountain, last year we made the trip a week after the peak, oh well, we'll try again next year maybe? We didn't do any serious digging mostly surface scratching, we did manage to find a few pieces that might make a good grindstone? "Hawkeye" Pat did spot this red laying on top of the ground!

All in all, it was a nice get-away for us, below are some of the pictures Pat took while we made our slow walk on the Gal

Entering Nantahala National Forest
The sign was a beautiful site
for both of us to see.

Dig site atop Chunky Gal Mountain
Wayne digging out a small
pink crystal in the rock.

The crystal was tiny so we looked
around for bigger ones
in the green rocks.

Dig site atop Chunky Gal Mountain
Taking a break on Perry Gap Road
We could hear nothing but
the sounds of the forest.

Wild Flowers were in abundance
all over Chunky Gal Mountain.

One of our favorite views
looking down Perry Gap Road.

The entrance to Buck Creek was
starting to show some color.

Forest service road where
we hiked up to the top.

View from the top.

View from the top - not a lot of
color for this time of the season.

Wayne checking the creek
at a favorite dig site.

The water was very cold.

This mushroom was like velvet.

Wayne kept busy checking out
different areas of the creek bed.

Some of the best color we
saw atop the mountain.

Bridge that crosses Buck Creek
surrounded by color.

Buck Creek near the camp site.
The water was moving slow because
of lack of rain in the area.

Wayne listening to the peaceful
sound of the water
rushing down the creek.

View of Chatuga Lake.
We knew it would be a while before we got back here so we stopped for a picnic on the way home.
The day was beautiful so we took our time before leaving for home.