Quartz Dig
LaGrange, Georgia
July 31, 2005
By Jeff Deere

On Sunday 7/31, I meet my good friend Don Henderson (also of The Rome Georgia Mineral Society) just south of Carrollton, GA at exactly 7:30am. From there, we traveled South on US 27 to LaGrange, GA. Total drive time from the Rome, GA area was approximately 2 hours.

We dug for quartz crystal on this day. After a rainy drive down, the rain held off for us all day. It was good digging weather; cloudy and relatively cool for mid summer in the South.

The crystals are everywhere at this site! We started slow at first, scouring the surface of the site for keepers. Recent rains made this a good option. Shortly thereafter we began the serious work by digging back into a bank. By lunch we had to high grade. Afterwards, some of the best crystals came as we finished our day.

The quartz crystals at this site range from ” to 4” in length. Some crystals we collected were as big as 2” in diameter. Most of them are clear, and have a light “frost” on the outside, but not always on all sides. I speculate this is silica that has bonded to the surface some time after crystallization.

The site is worth the fee of $15 each. Our experience was very favorable. Having a running steam at the bottom of the hill, very near the site, is an added plus.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Deere