Western Washington Get Together 2
July 29-30, 2006
Jason Boddy

Wow, what a fun time! Thanks to John and Gloria for their uninhibited hospitality.

Day One
We hit the beach for fossils and learned more about concretions. The beach had a lot of seaweed but that didn't stop us from making some cool finds of agatized snails, clams and some nice concretions bearing Clallamensis Twinensis parts. Of course John showed off his eagle eye a bit finding some nice crabs and a vertebrae.

Herb busting open Concretions On the beach.

Everybody heading back after a good days collecting.

After the great day at the beach we all headed to John and Gloria's house for a barbecue and show and tell. John showed off his beautiful Amethyst scepters from a recent dig.

John showing us his killer new Amethyst scepters and points he mined

One of the bigger specimens that came out of the mine.

Then we all packed into Johns crystal museum where. We cracked open our clams hoping to find an elusive crystal clam.

Busting clams hopping to find a Crystal filled one.

Herb showed us his Bonseki skills which everybody really enjoyed! Wow! Herb, thank you that was awesome.

Herb showing us some of the great fossils and rocks he
finds in Japan along with his cool owls painted stones

I showed off some of my finds from the beach, including the following one.

A nice shrimp claw from the beach

Day 2
Most of the group headed out to a quarry for Crystals While Herb his grandson and I headed back to the beach hoping for more fossils. Herb concentrated more on Concretions and found a killer shrimp claw concretion, one of the best I have seen after going through thousands!

Herb's great find on the second day! A really good claw specimen
that is one of the best I have seen from here. Just needs a little prep.

Good going Herb! His Grandson was really good at finding crystal filled Clallamensis tubes, and Teredo wood.

I cant wait until next year I really enjoyed meeting all of you and hope ya all had as great as a time as I did. Thanks all for a successful get together!