McRocks Cookout & Rockswap 2006
Spruce Pine, North Carolina
July 8, 2006
Report by Mike Streeter

The weather could not have been more perfect while we all enjoyed the best ever McRocks Cookout and Rockswap. Roundhounding friends from Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee and even Japan gathered at the Bear Den Campground off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Spruce Pine for food, fellowship, rocks and fun! But rather than prattle on about the great day, I'll let the following pictures and captions tell the rest of the story. Refer to first picture's enlargement for a list of complete names because the rest of the report will be first names only.

Group Picture
Click on picture to enlarge and for names

"The crystal was this tall."

Give away table
Photo by Jim Flora

Bruce, Nancy, Celia and Herb

Chrissy with Ken and Patty
"Just look at this chip!"

Faye, Bob & Alice
Gotta like that
Streeter hair!

David, Ron and Jim
Another "fish that got away" story!

Nancy, Tom, Wayne & Ron
Keeping the rocks from rolling away.

Ken and Jack
Don't believe 'em!

Regina & Phyllis
Just can't stand
all the excitement!

Everett & Cindy
Trying to look innocent.

Cheryl, Chrissy & Jim
Getting ready for
a bunny hop?

Ron & Cindy
Obviously up to mischief!

Chrissy, Cindy & Jim
Vegetable Abuse

Beverly & Anne
Smooth, baby, smooth!

Report continued . . . . . . .

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