Yet another Fossil Hunt on the Olympic Peninsula
Washington State
February 22, 2006
Jason Boddy

Went exploring a different area for fossils today. I did some hiking through some thick woods with Lions, Elk, and Bear oh my!

I found a small creek which was easier to walk in then the woods. Focused on the slippery rocks beneath my feet I hadnt looked up to often. About ten feet from a slip-n-slide I heard what at first sounded like a good gust of wind blowing through the trees. I looked up and stopped to close to what would have been my last slip-n-slide ride. I came up on a good size canyon with a neat waterfall I could have been a permanent addition to.

After surveying the area for a way down I descended into the canyon where there was the right kind of rock to find fossils in. Once I got to the bottom I took a picture of the waterfall and the fossil bearing rock.

It didnt take long to find fossils down there but they were all clams which I have plenty of already. That is until I found another crab concretion whoohoo! That really made the trek through the woods and down the canyon worthwhile on top of just being out in the forest. The great outdoors.

What go down must go up. After several trips now I am starting to feel like a mountain goat. lucky for me its getting easier and easier. Though its seems to be getting harder to judge just how steep some of these areas are. after getting almost to the top I took this Picture. I came down on the opposite bank which was really brushy.

Here is a couple of claw specimens for my collection from last weeks trip. The first is a really nice set of right arm claws in the same concretion. The second is a nice Claw with the whole arm assembly.