Crabs, Crabs and More Crabs
(Fossil Crab Collecting)
Grays Harbor County, Washington
April 2008
By Jason Boddy

Headed out Thursday to the lincoln creek formation in Grays harbor county. Determined rain or shine I was headed out the door. It ended up being nice most of the day the little raining it did evaporated right off me as I picked away, though it does make things slick standing on that siltstone. Arrived at spot 1 at about 10:30 nobody had been there since last week when I picked the heck out of it.

Funny how you can pick a spot and seemingly run out of siltstone that wants to give way for ya then ya take a week off go back and your pulling big chunks out again. spot 1 is a pretty well known area in the woods though it is tough picking. The siltstone here doesnt dry out throughly enough between rains so it doesnt erode very fast. Below is a pic of the first of three I would find.

Thursday I was very lucky and went away from that spot with three large crab concretions after moving a ton of siltstone. later I would find out only two had crabs but there were nice ones! Worth it.

While digging for crabs I came acrossed a nice example of who knows what the hell this is plant. Its about a foot long. "Who knows what the hell this is" is a quite common Occurrence for me that includes many different unknown species in the lincoln creek formation for that matter all over the place. Enjoy

After a I guzzled a half gallon of gatorade and ate my lunch I headed to spot two. Its not well known and can be just a little hazardous. Loose rock overhead you cant get to but would love to falling down periodically, and a really tempting ledge that could produce a nice fall and being buried only to be dug up in 28 million years by future Paleontologist looking for the elusive but precious beer can.

Spent most of my day at spot two because the crabs I find here have such awesome color. Ended up with two blisters, a blood blister, another smashed finger, dehydration, exhaustion, and over all happiness as I found eight crab concretions there on Thursday. Two crabs I found as float were already exposed.

This morning I cracked them all open and ended up with three really nice specimens and the rest are so so. Only one concretion was a blank. a very productive trip for me overall.Of course you guys probably collect these things by the five gallon buckets dont you.



From this to this. Fossil crab prep

Been working the last few days in my spare time on one of the Crabs I collected on Thursday with a cp airscribe and a dremmel tool. Seems like the legs are folded underneath it, one leg comes out above the left claw.