How to Make a Polished Rock Handled
Knife and Driftwood Trout Display
By Tom Kuzia

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This creation was a 2009 Christmas gift for my oldest grandson Joe. I wanted to show him what it took to do it so maybe he, as a teenager, would appreciate it a bit more and not use it as a throwing knife! The Brown Trout is a KILLER carving and paint job my buddies Jay Milliken and Mike Maximenko, who have won several contests with their work. This project would not have been completed without a lot of help and generosity from some great friends and my mom for her driftwood.

The following pictures with captions show most of the creative steps from start to finish. I have omitted a LOT of the steps because, after some 200 photo's, I just got plain tired of editing them, so what you see is what you get!

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